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Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew Calendar (Calculated Jewish Calendar)

The Hebrew calendar, also known as the calculated Jewish Calendar, is a modified version of the biblical calendar. It is a sun and moon-based calendar which keeps the seasons closely aligned with the solar year. However, calendar dissenters believe following this calendar results in feast days occurring at different times than the Biblical Calendar has them occurring.

Hebrew Calendar vs Biblical Calendar ResearchOrigins of The Hebrew Calendar

The Hebrew Calendar likely originated as a result of efforts to evolve the calendar from one based on observation of the moon and crops to one based on calculations of the lunar and solar cycles. Part of the problem was that as the Israelites became more geographically scattered, their communication with those in Jerusalem who observed the moon and grains in the field (specifically barley) became more difficult. Messengers were tried, but this ultimately became too difficult.

In an effort to preserve the observance of holy days, Hillel II introduced in 359 C.E. what has come to be known as the Calculated Jewish Calendar. The calculations involved in this calendar are both ingenious and complex, and some aspects of how the calculations came to be are shrouded in secrecy. Dissenters believe none of the changes introduced with this calendar have any basis in scripture and, as a result, the days identified as feast days are completely wrong. 

Biblical Proof for The Hebrew Calendar

In 2007, Don Roth was approached by a group of men who based the Sabbath on their sighting of the first visible crescent of the new moon. They contended their way was what God intended. After 40+ years of observing the holy days put forth in the Hebrew calendar, Don felt challenged to prove that the holy days established by the Calculated Jewish Calendar are the days intended by the Bible. He began to look into it more deeply.

Ultimately, Don was able to mathematically confirm that the Calculated Jewish Calendar coincides perfectly with the events described in the bible and with the holy days identified by scripture.  To this day, the Hebrew calendar is widely used in Israel for the observance of holy days as well as for agricultural and civil uses. However, the Gregorian calendar is steadily gaining widespread acceptance for civil use.

The Hebrew Calendar vs The Biblical Calendar

For many years, there has been extensive debate over whether or not the Hebrew calendar (aka the Jewish Calculated calendar/Hebrew Calculated calendar) can be considered the true Biblical calendar or not. When Don Roth was challenged by a group contending that the sighting of the first visible crescent of a new moon is the correct way to determine the Sabbath, he took it upon himself to investigate further.

Using his engineering background, Don conducted a mathematical analysis of the Biblical calendar and its relationship to the Hebrew calculated calendar. In his free 3-DVD collection, Don explains his mathematical proof for why the Hebrew calculated calendar is true to the Biblical calendar and can be considered the true calendar of God.

Order your free DVDs revealing Don’s proof today, or ask a question regarding the Biblical calendar or the Hebrew calendar.

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