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Hebrew Calendar Generator Tool - Christian Biblical to Gregorian

Enter a year, pick the era, and Generate a Holy Day Calendar.

In order to find the Gregorian days for January-Mid March or Mid-April you have to go to the previous BC or AD year and scroll toward the bottom because the calendar is set to start the HCC year in mid-March to mid-April.

Gregorian Calendar (The one you have on your desk or wall)

Christian Biblical Calendar ConverterAbbreviations: BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini) or BCE/CE (Before Common Era/After Common Era)

The Gregorian calendar is sometimes called the Christian calendar or Western calendar. Some calendar scholars reference the Julian calendar, which is similar but lacks modern leap year corrections.

Hebrew Calendar (The one in the bible)

Abbreviations: AM (Anno Mundi – Latin: “in the year of the world”, Hebrew: “from the creation of the world”)

The Hebrew calendar is sometimes called the Biblical calendar or Jewish calendar, which draws from the Old Testament and calls creation the start of year 1. Converting the calendar is sometimes tricky because the first day of the year 1 is not January 1st.

Ancient Hebrew Calendar Converter

The above tool allows you to enter either the Gregorian calendar date (like 2015, 2016 or 2017) or the Hebrew calendar date and switch between the two.

Hebrew Calendar Converter