Noah's Flood and God's Calendar article by Don Roth Biblical Calendar Proof presentation in Spanish The Ten Virgins and Christ's Return biblical article by Don Roth
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Don Roth Extends His Research

Further your understanding and learn more about Biblical events, passages of times, and the meanings behind God’s Words, and how they correlate to the Biblical Calendar. Don Roth, a dedicated Biblical Researcher, has written thorough, extensive articles about Biblical events that play an important role in God’s Calendar, and in the meaning of life itself. His “Noah’s Flood and God’s Calendar” is a crucial article and source of information for better understanding of his Biblical Calendar Proof. “The Ten Virgins and Christ’s Return" is a very informative article referencing many parts of the Bible correlating with God’s plan and his ultimate power and control and giving reasons for the decisions He, and only He, will make. Read these articles to broaden your knowledge and understanding, and contact Don Roth with any questions or for more information.

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