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This is the true Holy Day Biblical Calendar. Don Roth has documented proof and years of biblical calendar research to supply the complete validity of the Hebrew Calculated Calendar, and correct placement of historical biblical events, all the way through present times. Look up dates, and see the ACCURATE Biblical calendar. Know the true Holy Days, and the true day of Tisri. View the accurate days of the major biblical historical events aiding in our measurement of the passing of time. The Biblical Calendar has been mathematically proven correct, and has been factually proven to have been used throughout all Biblical history.

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Biblical Calendar – The Conclusion:

As has been established, the seven day Solar Calendar represents an unbreakable progression of time from creation, and the Hebrew Calculated Calendar is in agreement with it. They in turn agree with the written biblical record, in turn proving the Hebrew Calculated Calendar is, and was, the true calendar of God, used from the beginning of creation to our present time.

The statement, “to our present time,” can be conclusively shown in the following manner. It is known what date the HCC shows for the first of Tisri as it falls on the present Gregorian calendar date. This is shown on Chart #5, page 2, cycle #7 which starts with the year 1997 and ends with the year 2015. This is the calendar in use at this time. The days as we presently view them have names and numbers assigned to them according to the Gregorian system. Therefore, they are fixed dates and cannot be moved because it is how time is now kept.

The seven day Solar Calendar is also fixed; it begins from creation and comes forward to our present day. In order to align these two calendars to determine what names and numbers of the two calendars match it is necessary to know the exact number of days that have passed from creation to the present. Once this unifying date is established an absolute progression of dates back to creation can be given in a combination of AD and BC dates.

The only reason that this alignment can be made is rooted in the fact that once God started the motion of the earth, moon and sun in their orbits they have never changed in their relation to one another. Thus God has given a timing mechanism for a fixed calendar; one that can be calculated, allowing God’s people to know in advance which date the Feast of Trumpets falls on. This alone mandates a calculated calendar in which the day for the first month is determined in advance. Since God commands men to have convocation on the first day of the seventh month – Trumpets – He would, of necessity have given a way of knowing this date in advance because His people needed to travel to the place of assembly.

Now that it has been factually established by the charts and calendars presented from creation to the present time, it should be obvious that God has given man a calendar based on a mathematical progression of time in which every Sabbath day and every Holy Day was set from creation.

It is not hard to understand the weekly Sabbath has been so ordained as a fixed day, and that it represents a celebration of the creation week, unbroken from the very week God made this present world down to our time. Considering that every calendar presented in this study from creation to the present day had its starting point based on Chart #3 – the unbroken Sabbath days from creation – it should be clear the first Holy Day was set by the first Sabbath day of the Biblical Calendar; every Sabbath being fixed by the mathematical progression of seven demands that every Holy Day must also be fixed mathematically.

This means every Sabbath and every Holy Day has been pre-ordained from creation to the present, and will continue in this fixed order until the return of Christ.

The facts show without exception these days are spelled out in the Hebrew Calculated Calendar – The True Calendar of God – The Biblical Calendar.

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