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Noah's Flood and God's Calendar article by Don Roth Biblical Calendar Proof presentation in Spanish The Ten Virgins and Christ's Return biblical article by Don Roth
Don Roth's Evidence proving the true Biblical Calendar

Biblical Calendar Proof

In the fall of 2007, Don Roth was challenged by a group of individuals with a different approach to the dating of the Biblical Sabbaths and the Holy Days. These individuals used the sighting of the first visible crescent of the new moon to date God’s high day Sabbaths. The controversy around this topic has been continually growing, and Don took on the challenge to find the truth.

Biblical Calendar: Verse proving God's passages of timesHe has been keeping the traditional Holy Days of the God's Sacred Calendar for over 50 years, and sought to establish a factual proof for these beliefs. The challenge would be tough, but his years of experience solving problems would prove to be beneficial.

The next year, in the spring of 2008, the Midwestern United States experienced unprecedented flooding. This caused Don to thoroughly review the events of the Noachian Flood, the greatest of all floods, in Genesis 7 and 8. This study resulted in something extraordinary. It was brought to Don’s attention the detailed and extensive recording of the passage of time as the events of the Flood took place. These events cannot be disputed as they are the very Word inspired by Christ our Lord and Savior.

God’s Clock and Biblical Calendar referenced to Genesis 1:12Don continued through his research, referencing many parts of the Bible itself, as well as making 20 charts proving the consistency of the Hebrew and Gregorian Calendars and the intended Sabbaths and Holy Days. Don shares his story, his research, and his resource of truth in his free downloadable videos. In Don Roth’s resource you can expect to learn the facts and mathematics behind the Biblical Calendar, and WHY this is the true calendar God himself intended for use. Secondarily, you will be presented with factual and mathematical proof of the Bible itself. Don Roth’s proof is undisputable, and absolute. Hear, see, and understand for yourself – download your free Biblical Calendar Proof video today.

Free Videos and Audio Files on the True Biblical Calendar Available Online

Don’s Biblical research is now available online as free videos and audio files. See the evidence for yourself and learn the mathematical explanation for the Biblical calendar with Don’s free Biblical resource.

Research available in multiple formats:

Free Printable 2018 Wall Calendar

Print a free wall calendar from Biblical Calendar Proof – available to print individually by the month or as the entire year. Proverbs 21:5 (NKJV) states, "The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty". Feel free to plan ahead by accessing our free printable 2019 wall calendar or 2020 wall calendar now.

Contact biblical calendar researcher, Don Roth, for more information explaining the mathematical proof and verifying THE true Biblical Calendar of God.

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